my three best jazz albums of 2024 (so far (out))

At the end of a year at the Deutschlandfunk, at least for some time now, this is a big question: which three records you wanna choose? You will talk about them, you will defend them, you will sing their praise. So it‘s personal. A love affair of sorts. Some people will buy it and regret it, haha. Beforehand, there‘s another talk to happen: is there enough jazz in them to call them jazz albums, and the degree of improvising may add to the final impact of being seen and listened to as a jazz album. Sometimes the casual appearance of a blown horn may seal the deal. So here they are, after some (hopefully inspired) conversation with myself, my three best albums of this genre, in this year, so far, stretching a bit the limits of jazz (and all that jazz) 1) Shabaka: Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace. 2) Eric Chenaux: Delights Of My Life. 3) Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré: Punkt Live Remixes, Vol. 2. A friend of mine wrote about the impression this last album left on him, confessing how blown away he is from the track I recently played on air with „that African singer“. I take that as a special sign of approval: did he mean Sidsel or the sample in the back? Nevermind: just listen, it might turn into a delight of your life – to perceive its beauty, and acknowledge its grace.

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  • Olaf Westfeld

    Bei mir würden sich Shabaka und Charles Lloyd um Platz eins rangeln, ein drittes Platz wäre noch zu vergeben.

  • Jan Bang

    Dear Michael,

    The African singer is Eténèsh Wassie. Born in Gondar, Ethiopia in 1971. Her duo with acoustic bass player Mathieu Sourisseau were invited to perform at the Banlieues Bleues festival in Paris. Curated by Xavier Lemmetre who paired them with Chicago drummer Hamid Drake whom I still work with to this day. Erik and I brought Sidsel Endresen along for the Punkt Live Remix. The album includes two pieces from that live remix.

    Later, we invited Etenesh & Mathieu for a duo concert at Punkt in Kristiansand. That specific performance was live remixed by Norwegian drummer Audun Kleive and yours truly and can be found on the album „The Periphery of a Building“ by Kleive/Bang (Gråtone, 2017).

    Jan Bang

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