Leftfield music with a touch of „Sowiesoso“

„Walks“, the new album by English duo Group Listening. You sometimes have to go to the margins to get hold of such treasures like „Clarinet and Piano – Selected Works, Vol. 2“, their penultimate work. Funny the duo calls itself like it calls itself, but British humour is part of the presentation of this awesome contemporary folky kosmische chamber improv and all. When asked for a recording anecdote Stephen Black says: „Nothing particularly exciting, just your usual next door’s dog barking, or the sound of a pigeon in the chimney breast. It was fuelled by coffee and cheap bread.“ Nothing to add to this.

31st May – Loves Cafe,Weston-Super-Mare 
1st June – Shift, Cardiff 
4th June – Kazimier Stockroom, Liverpool 
5th June – Glad Cafe, Glasgow 
6th June – Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh 
7th June – Futtle, Fife 
8th June – Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal 
9th June – Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds 
11th June – Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester 
12th June – St Matthias Church, London 
13th June – Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth 
14th June – The Rose Hill, Brighton 
16th June – National Justice Museum, Nottingham 
26th June – Dareshack, Bristol 
27th June – The Grayston Unity, Halifax 
28th June – Unitarian Church, Shrewsbury 
29th June – The White Hotel, Manchester 

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  • Anonymous

    There’s a vein of retro-futurism in Group Listening’s work, drawing on a deeply English sensibility – even down to the landscapes that permeate the music.

    Paul Jones comments…

    Steve and I were walking in and around Bolton Priory, where we must have playing a gig nearby – Leeds I think. Most likely it was on a day off between shows and we were heading north. We went on quite a long trek, I remember it being hilly terrain, rolling slopes and lots of gradients up and down, with the River Wharfe in full flow we passed by a place with stepping stones crossing the river.
    A number of nearby places had dramatic and gothic sounding names; the Valley Of Desolation and Storiths Crag. Hill End was on the map and close by, it encapsulated the feeling we had created in the music; that feeling you get when you set out on a a purposeful walk up a steep hill and the relief on reaching it’s end, exhausted but slightly elated.

    Bandmate Stephen Black counters:

    ‘Hills End’, a bit like ‘New Brighton’, feels futuristic to me. Like Blade Runner, or Kraftwerk but with clarinets and recorders. The tune has everything you need. Propulsive drums, arpeggiators, a wind synth and two key changes too. It reminds me of driving down a motorway but getting diverted to witness a pagan ritual with burning effigies and a maypole.

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