• Julia, the fluidity, and the power of song (1/5)

    Finally I got the fine double vinyl version of Julia Holter‘s bewitching new album „Something In The Room She Moves“. And I felt confirmed: it‘s a very different experience to listen to this work in its entirety than to splice it up in single pieces (as Olaf and I did when reviewing the tracks one after the other). Finally I could let fall myself into the music, float with it, and go much deeper than the analytic approach allowed me (and us) to do. And finally, Julia answered my questions, and did that not in a hurry, but with a calm flow of thoughts. She takes her time. More will follow, a radio appearance, too, and her first answer may be another invitation for some listeners to dive into the album. My first question was:

    Some moments of the album seem to be influenced, soundwise, by Kate Bush, and, from a distance, mirroring moods of Joni Mitchell‘s HEJIIRA. The Jaco Pastorius bass memories, the fluidity of the atmospheres…. Joni deliberately looked for a special  sound of constant movement as a means for  reflecting a long journey across the U.S.A. Devin Hoff does an excellent job here with the fretless bass.