Sequencing an hour of jazz & improvised music

When the Punktfestival, Kristiansand, will open its gates in early September, this album is about to be released. And what an album it is (that I can say after a first listening session some hours ago)! Two months earlier this work, simply named „Punkt Live Remixes, Vol. 2“ (by Sidsel Endresen, Jan Bang and Erik Honore), will be one album (and a central one) in my edition of „JazzFacts“ at Deutschlandfunk radio, 9.05 p.m. July 4th.

By the way, and in regards to depth and flow and sensuality, these „live remixes“ of Sidsel, Erik and Jan certainly belong to the „class A“ works of explorative „song worlds“ from Beth Gibbons‘, Norma Winstone‘s, Jessica Pratt‘s and Julia Holter‘s 2024 records – with the small difference that Sidsel‘s vocal journeys are strictly stepping back from „words with meaning“. And it will be a special pleasure – within my jazz hour – to compare the albums of Sidsel and Norma in regards to their very different approach to language.

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