Monthly Revelations (June 2024)

ALBUM – Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan: Your Community Hub FILM – Das leere Grab (von Agnes Lisa Wegner & Cecile Mlay) PROSE – Nils Jockel: Kellertänzer TALK – „Der mit den Tönen tanzt“ (Jan Bang) POETRY – „Wenn der Ostwind weht“ (Cornelia Schleime) BINGE – „The Return Of Twin Peaks“ (David Lynch) ARCHIVE – Jonny Trunk: Audio Erotica (Hi-Fi Brochures 1950s – 1980s)

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  • Andrew

    Dear Friends!

    It was a few years back now that I heard about Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan and though initially taken in by its aesthetic and concept, I found myself immersed in its beguiling synth explorations. It seems that I’m not the only one either, with every release greeted with equal excitement thanks to the project’s ever growing following. 

    The last two records even got into the mainstream charts, appearing in all the right end of year lists and making record collectors sweat trying to get their hands on limited vinyl variants (myself included). ‘Your Community Hub‘ is the fifth album from producer Gordon Chapman-Fox and is perhaps one of the most anticipated releases in the electronica field. 

    This is very much a continuation of the minimalist synth-driven arrangements we’ve come to expect from the project and as always, it’s full of edge of seat dynamics and hypnotic patterns that stay with you. ‘A Shared Sense Of Purpose’ is the perfect opener, as layers of arpeggiated synths swirl around your ears leading into a motorik style drum beat that lets the synth really soar into this gently dramatic opener. This is completely drenched in atmosphere and I found myself hypnotised by the graceful menace of ‘Cul-De-Sac’ and the gothy techno of ‘Pedestrian Shopping Deck’. 

    This is very much the work of a producer that looks closely into mood and how to evoke emotion. It’s one thing being able to navigate your way around a synth and its many settings, but it’s another to paint a vivid soundtrack within the mind of the listener.

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