Peaky Blinders (1-6)

We‘re happy to report that we fell hard for Peaky Blinders. However familiar its building blocks, the U.K. gangster drama is positively bursting with irrepressible energy, and it’s proof that, whatever a show’s premise, capable execution is everything. A dance from abyss to abyss. Noir and deep. There is probabyly no lover of Nick Cave‘s musical worlds who doesn‘t fall for this epic journey. On the last two seasons Anna Calvi delivers. Sometimes haunting and overwhelming, always powerful and affecting, Calvi brings Shelby’s life before our eyes purely with her sound. Impressively, she plays all of the instruments – including ones she was less comfortable with, namely violin, piano and percussion – the results are unforgettable and the rawness is completely intended.

Maureen Ryan & Michael Engelbrecht

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