• Blue Wave Radio

    Nice, i will still be doing radio shows in 2025 at the Deutschlandfunk, two Klanghorizonte hours for sure. Some jazz, too. Not that Im now singing the old Zagger and Evans tune from my imaginary jukebox….“in the year 2525“… for the day today, i follow my weak spot for Grandaddy‘s new album which I really love with all its strange limitations…waltz after waltz after waltz, the softsoftsoft voice of Jason Lytle (one of my five fave singers on the planet) wrapped up in epic cloudwork…. A friend of mine just said… „it‘s okay, but a bit ELO in lofi“… he has a point here, but I don‘t follow his judgement…the lyrics are wonderfully dark and witty, sometimes at the same time… and I take a warm shower in this album everytime it starts sending its shivers down my spine…this is „ambient blue wave with a singer lost“!