Reverberations of non-stop Traffic on Redding Road

„I would beg listeners both animal and human to allow these beautiful landscapes I’ve created in collaboration with Mark Nelson to sing and speak and weep for themselves. Please. Forget about words. Just LISTEN.“ – Kramer  

„It was an honor to work with Kramer (…) For the music, this line from Arthur Russell says it so well: ‚If I could convince you these are words of love, the heartache would remain, but the pain would be gone‘.“   – Mark K. Nelson (Pan American)

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  • flowworker

    11 Brief Sojourns into the Dream State. The collaboration is an aural journey, capturing a serene sense of solitude within Nelson’s minimalistic guitars and Kramer’s orchestral drones… Produced by Kramer All Music by Kramer & Mark K. Nelson (Pan American) Mark K. Nelson is a composer/performer living and working in Chicago. He was previously a member/founder of the musical collectives ‚Labradford‘ and ‚Anjou‘. Kramer is a composer/performer/filmmaker and the founder of Shimmy-Disc. He is also the producer of numerous seminal recordings by some of the most renowned indie artists of our time.

  • flowworker

    Funny, a day after kindly advising possible listeners to not think, not speak and not use words in the first place when listening to Rafael Toral’s forthcoming album, Kramer comes up with a similar advice. But then, Mark Nelson quoting Arthur Russell hits the 12.

  • Martina Weber

    This piece of music touches my heart and soul deeply. I’ve been fascinated by Marc Nelson’s work ever since Michael hosted a radio show about the development of Labradford’s music more than twenty years ago. Marc Nelson’s albums are the ones I listen to the most.

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