„Everything Wounded Will Flow“ – Fripp speaks

In 1998, Michael Frank and me met Robert Fripp in the Hyatt, Cologne. The waterfall sounds like tape hiss, but Robert stays focussed. Many thanks to my old companion Michael Frank who found this encounter in his archive. A meeting with special moments.

When broadcasting excerpts of this talk later, after midnight at the radio, funny things happened. While the listener heard nothing for a minute or longer, I heard Robert‘s voice strangely doubled on my headphones, and I said the woman in the control room: „Ich höre Überblendungen.“ And this was the first thing after quite a period of dead air that everybody could hear.

i will have to learn how to make the „big screen“ disappear and just colour the link to youtube. In this case the words „a meeting“ would be perfect.

this is a test field, dear all.

Let‘s do some trial and error😉

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